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Events Permit Applications

Candlelight Celebration

Event organisers (except those receiving a grant through the Festival City Grants Program) must obtain a permit from Council for events and festivals planned in public spaces, parks, or on roads. An Event Permit Application Form is attached below.

Public safety is the highest priority for Council, and obtaining a permit ensures that any risks associated with the event or festival are evaluated and any possible disruption for nearby residents is carefully managed.

Allow Plenty of Time to Apply

An early application will give Council more time to assist you and will give you more time to fulfil any legal requirements.

For large events and festivals (more than 1000 people) and events involving road closures, applications must be lodged at least 45 working days before the proposed date of the event. Please note that a major event (more than 2000 people) will require a longer lead time than this.

Footscray Police require 3 months notice to attend an event. Police involvement may be compulsory, especially in the case of a street event.

Festivals and Events Guidelines

The Festivals and Events Planning Guidelines (attached below) provides detailed information on all aspects of organising an event or festival. Please read these guidelines before completing the Council's Event Application Form.

The Guidelines outline:

  • Lodging an event application for an event permit
  • Your obligations and responsibilities as an event/festival organiser
  • Safety considerations for conducting your event/festival
  • The process of preparing your event

While Council cannot plan events for others, we can provide examples of previous events and offer advice if needed.

Making Events Accessible

Council encourages anyone organising a public event or festival to read the Accessible Events – Guide for Organisers. This guide has been developed by the Meetings and Events Industry of Australia in collaboration with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.

For more information contact:
Leisure and Open Space
9688 0200

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