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Demolition Permit

A demolition permit is required before any building is demolished.

To apply for a demolition permit:

Step 1. Complete a building permit application form. This can be done by applying directly to Council or through a private Building Surveyor. The building permit application form needs to be accompanied by:

  • Three copies of the plans showing all buildings and specifying all materials to be demolished
  • A copy of the Certificate of Title of the land
  • An approved demolishers name, registration and insurance
  • A copy of the public liability insurance policy
  • Protection of the adjoining property (Forms 3 & 4) may also be required
  • Where the owner of the property is not the applicant, written consent from the owner approving the demolition is required
  • A written desciption of the demolition or removal proceedure

Step 2. Complete a Consent and Report Application (Form A).

Step 3. Include a fee of of $64.10 with the Consent and Report Application (Form A) .

Step 4. If your property is in a Heritage Overlay a Planning Permit may also be required. Please check with Urban Planning on 9688 0253.

For more information contact:
Building Services
9688 0200

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